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Bringing Best-In-Class Transaction Advisory Services to the Middle Market

We advise clients through the full transaction process, from pre-transaction strategy, through strategic positioning, to closing.

Sell Side Transaction Advisory

Highly-Disciplined Processes Designed to Maximize Client Objectives

Every client engagement begins with a comprehensive discussion of transaction objectives with the goal of creating an approach and structuring a process that achieves your specific objectives.  We are adept at crafting professionally managed process that meet multiple objectives, including driving premium valuation, minimizing business disruption, moving with speed and certainty, preserving optionality, and finding the right home for your employees and customers.  

At the onset of every engagement, we present a full range of strategic alternatives.  When warranted, we will structure a process to pursue multiple alternatives concurrently.  Communication and transparency is a guiding tenet of our process. During the course of the transaction, we ensure our clients are fully informed with the data they need to make the right decisions.  We offer expertise in a range of transaction types, including the following:

  • Sale of private companies, ESOP-owned companies, and corporate divestitures

  • Sale to strategic acquirer

  • Sale to private equity investor

  • Sale to private equity-backed platform

  • Sale to ESOP

  • Management buyouts

  • Majority equity investments

  • Minority equity investments

Our process differentiators are rooted in our commitment to senior-banker execution of every transaction we take on.  Process differentiators include the following:

  • We are fully engaged at a senior-level from start to finish.

  • We believe proper preparation is the cornerstone of success; we take no shortcuts and perform rigorous work prior to engaging with potential transaction partners.

  • We anticipate and proactively prepare for each phase of the process; our goal is to minimize surprises.

  • We provide end-to-end management of the entire diligence process

  • We take the time to analyze and articulate the unique value drivers and discriminators of our clients’ businesses.  By understanding what makes our clients unique, we are able to craft highly compelling selling themes.

  • We are solution agnostic and provide objective advice to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Sell Side

We provide disciplined processes and data-driven guidance to clients pursuing identified acquisition targets.  Our in-depth understanding of real-time market dynamics coupled with our expertise in pricing, structuring and negotiating transactions creates unique insights for our clients.  Every transaction is led by a strategy-first focus to ensure that a sound investment thesis underpins target pursuit.  We help clients implement a coordinated, collaborative approach to evaluating and consummating an acquisition.  Our buyside support includes:

  • Initial target assessment

  • Financial and strategic analysis

  • Determination of valuation and bid strategy

  • Optimal transaction structure

  • Due diligence coordination

  • Leadership of negotiations through closing

Buy Side Transaction Advisory

Leveraging Market Insights and Process Expertise to Effect the Right Transaction

Buy Side

Capital Raises

Raising the Right Capital to Implement Growth Initiatives

Raising capital to fund growth initiatives and optimize a balance sheet is a highly impactful transaction for middle-market businesses.  We ensure clients evaluate a range of funding alternatives and provide advice to successfully execute the transaction.  Our goal is to create a range of options that can be weighed against each other in order to make the most informed decision possible. These may include consummating an acquisition, funding growth initiatives, refinancing existing facilities, or providing liquidity for shareholders.  Through methodical analysis and a thorough understanding of client requirements, we will identify the most appropriate structure to meet strategic needs and manage a process to obtain the right capital.  Our expertise includes the following:


  • Real-time understanding of terms and conditions

  • Knowledge of investor universe preference and behaviors

  • Senior debt

  • Mezzanine and subordinated debt

  • Minority equity financings

  • Majority equity financings

Capital Raises

A successful company sale often begins years in advance of a formal process.  We build long-term, trusted relationships with leading aerospace, defense, and government services businesses to provide critical insights on growing shareholder value.  We offer an in-depth assessment of strategic alternatives for companies to serve as a baseline value.  The baseline value assessment serves to highlight strengths of the business as well as areas that could potentially limit value.  With this perspective, business owners and operators are able to design and implement long-term plans that capitalize on strengths while minimizing potential weaknesses in order to grow shareholder value.  We maintain regular communication with clients and periodically update the baseline value assessment to mark progress or flag watch items over time.  We also collaborate with clients on a range of related issues, including properly incentivizing management teams and providing access to advice on wealth management, legal planning, financial planning, and other issues.

Strategic Advisory

Guiding Companies Towards Long-Term Strategic Objectives and Growth in Shareholder Value

Strategic Advisory
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